Temporary drivers

Advantages for businesses and drivers

Temporary drivers

We help fleet planners and transport managers to overcome unexpected challenges by providing experienced and friendly drivers who are perfectly matched for your requirements.

Challenges for our clients vary considerably and include the following:

  • Drivers shortages through holidays or unexpected absence
  • Unusual high demand / peaks in business

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Helping you to increase flexibility
  • Think of our temporary driver solutions helping your business like mean manufacturing – we help your business to meet demand rather than having surplus staff during quieter seasons.

Our Operations Manager. Alex O’Sullivan has been in the logistics and transport business for 12 years and understands client demands and expectations. All client requirements are unique.

When you first contact us, our Operations Manager will always come and survey the type of driver requirement and, where possible, complete the first job himself. This way, we keep the requirements on file so we can knowledge share with our drivers. This means, we build up our base of competencies and can place the perfect driver for your role every time you call.

All our drivers must pass the Complete Driver Solutions assessment before they meet our customers. Assessments include basic English and Maths skills, customer service. Drivers are also assessed on whether they understand individual customer requirements. Please see our policies and procedures page for temporary terms and contracts

If you are a business looking for an experienced temporary driver, call us NOW on 01903 442021 / 01273 978021.

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