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Our driver recruitment services

Complete Driver Hire provides the very best professional and experienced temporary and permanent HGV driver solutions.

  • We have 12 years experience in the logistics sector and our OM will, wherever possible, work the first requirement for you so that he can get a feel for the type of person that will fit your company’s competencies.
  •  All our drivers are fully referenced and complete our own assessments. It goes without saying that licence and medical histories are fully checked where possible.
  • We can provide a fully auditable trail of driver referencing assessments, hours, AWR, ‘Right to Work’ and Compliance documentation.

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Complete Driver Solutions' bring benefits to the whole organisation and your customers
  • We fully understand the demands of HGV drivers allowing us to place the perfect driver for your requirement, reducing time and financial wastage for your business.
  • We have access to the highest quality HGV drivers who have been fully assessed and trained so you know your customers’ goods will arrive safely.
  • We are a flexible, learning organisation and keep up-to-date with changes that affect your business. This allows us to keep delivering customer value.
  • We help your business to run smoothly even with unforeseen staff absences and spikes in business.
  • When your business is growing faster than planned, some would say this is a positive challenge. Let us help you make it even easier by providing the best drivers to fulfil business obligations while you plan for future growth.
Complete Driver Solutions Quality Assurance

Choose Complete Driver Solutions for high quality HGV driver solutions

  • We can provide a fully auditable trail of driver referencing assessments, assignments and incidents
  • Our strict selection process means our drivers are the best. The process includes referencing and licence checks, face-to-face interviews and our own assessment based on our 12 years of logistics experience and the latest macro-environmental changes that affect your business.

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Looking for a driving job?

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Corporate social responsibility

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